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Kurt Elling Symphony

With his extensive library of orchestral arrangements, Kurt Elling has executed commanding performances with the National Symphony, Sydney Symphony, Nashville Symphony, and many others. He now adds to that library with Passion World — a tour-de-force program of love songs from around the world. Said The New York Times, “Elling is the standout male vocalist of our time,” and here Elling brings his arsenal of talents to internationally famous songs of love and loss performed in their native tongues. Jazz speaks all languages, especially the language of love, and whether you are a native speaker or not, the meaning of the heart is always clear. Elling tells rich stories about the history and context of each of these songs to sweep audiences away on a grand, multicultural tour of exotic places, cultures, and times. Passion World ignites the imagination as it provides a captivating review of the human experience of love and all that it can mean. First commissioned by Jazz at Lincoln Center, a fresh new recording of Kurt Elling’s Passion World will be released by Concord/Universal in 2015. Passion World is a musical magic carpet taking you on a fascinating journey through the realms of romance in English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German and more.

Elling Swings Sinatra

“The standout male vocalist of our time” (The New York Times), Grammy Award winner Kurt Elling pays homage to the legendary male vocalist of the 20th century with Elling Swings Sinatra. In celebration of Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday, Elling lends his own voice to Sinatra’s vast repertoire with reinterpretations of classic hits such as “Come Fly With Me,” “In The Still Of The Night,” “I Only Have Eyes For You,” and “April In Paris.” These ever-familiar tunes are transformed by Elling’s superb vocal expertise, breathing new life into old favorites for today’s audiences. Celebrate the music of Sinatra in peak form — during an evening accented with richly told stories of a fascinating moment in time — as can only be provided by one of the foremost talents of our time, Kurt Elling.

Come Fly With Me 6:23 Kurt Elling
La Vie En Rose 12:23 Kurt Elling
On Broadway 1:30 Kurt Elling
You Send Me 1:30 Kurt Elling
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*You Send Me
1619 Broadway - The Brill Building Project (EPK)
I Only Have Eyes For You
Tutti For Cootie with Symphony
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The standout male vocalist of our time
The New York Times

Since the mid-1990s, no singer in jazz has been as daring, dynamic or interesting as Kurt Elling. With his soaring vocal flights, his edgy lyrics and sense of being on a musical mission, he has come to embody the creative spirit in jazz.
The Washington Post

What a sound he makes! Elling may control that four-octave rage with icy precision, but he combines perfection with a warmth and humour that makes it listenable: his albums don’t go stale. He treats lyrics with respect, revealing grace and meaning in everyday sentiments.
The Guardian

Arguably the greatest jazz singer of his generation
Jazz Police