The Gloaming

Asia, Australia, South America

In many ways, The Gloaming began with a question: what would happen if you amplified and enhanced traditional Irish music’s rich, melancholic, soulful tones with modern hues of jazz, contemporary classical, and experimental music? Although charged by the traditions of Ireland, what The Gloaming do with the structures of Irish music is anything but simple nostalgia. They introduce deep wells of personality and experience, drawing lyrics from the history of Irish literature, old and new, and creating a modern sound ‘steeped in traditional Celtic influences but bravely contemporary’ (The Guardian). The music is played with the authority of virtuosos and the result is unclouded by sheen or sentimentality. Instead, it’s haunting and emotionally charged, sounding ancient without being a mere reproduction.

The Gloaming brings together five musical masters. Steeped in traditional Irish music since birth, fiddlers Martin Hayes and Caoimhin Ô Raghallaigh and sean-nós singer Iarla Ô Lionáird are joined by New York pianist Thomas Bartlett (Doveman), and Chicago-born guitarist Dennis Cahill. The Gloaming’s most recent 2018 album, Live at the NCH, was recorded over the course of the Gloaming’s record-breaking 24 straight sold-out shows at the National Concert Hall in Dublin and has been hailed by The Arts Desk as, ‘one of the great live recordings, in any genre.’ Using previous studio recordings as points of departure, these performances stretch out and roam in unexpected new directions, incorporating new tunes and rearranging old ones, filled with the excitement and delight of five master musicians coming together as one. Their recent venture into the studio, The Gloaming 3, was released in the Spring of 2019. Like it’s predecessors, it richly reimagines the vernacular of traditional Irish music with elements of post-rock, contemporary classical, chamber, and minimalism.