MEHLIANA featuring Brad Mehldau and Mark Guiliana


Pairing together world-renowned pianist Brad Mehldau and acclaimed percussionist Mark Guiliana, MEHLIANA is the kind of project that sends a seismic pulse across the musical landscape. The configuration presents Mehldau in rare form – performing on fender Rhodes and an arsenal of vintage synthesizers while Guiliana accompanies on drums and effects. The result is a trace-laden, majestic live performance in which Mehldau displays a pension for splitting his hands in a way no other modern pianist can. Guiliana’s frenetic jungle beat precision and unbreakable groove touches upon modern drum ‘n’ bass, nodding back to the unbound dance-funk spirit of the early 70s. A completely free-form performance with no set compositions, the sound is nothing short of what a so many fans have been waiting for; two of the world’s most refreshing instrumentalists humanizing live electronic music with improvisation and deft ability.