Danilo Pérez


Thelonious Monk is universally regarded as one of jazz’s greatest icons and his enduring influence is still paramount today, one hundred years after his birth. As a performer and innovator, Danilo Pérez has made his own considerable mark in the genre. NPR exclaims, “Pérez is a man with some serious jazz cred. The Panamanian pianist got his start playing with Dizzy Gillespie, and continued with Wayne Shorter. As a composer and bandleader himself, he’s practically peerless.” Twenty years ago, Pérez recorded an album celebrating Monk’s legacy. On Panamonk, Pérez explored Monk’s music and style through a contemporary jazz lens…adding a bit of his own personal Panamanian flair. The New York Times called it “a masterpiece of jazz synthesis,” and said, “Mr. Pérez’s approach was refreshing in its irreverence: rather than try to be as faithful as possible to Monk’s distinctive rhythms and harmonies, he used Monk’s vision as a jumping-off point for his own individuality as an improviser.” Now, in celebration of Monk’s centennial, Pérez revisits Panamonk and brings his fresh take on the music to today’s audiences.