Nishat Khan

North America

Considered among the elite Sitar players and composers, Nishat Khan has virtuosic talent and limitless comprehension of traditional Indian classical music. The Telegraph UK called Khan “a scion of a great Indian dynasty of musicians, and is determined to keep the flame alive.” As a son and disciple of Imrat Khan, as well as the torchbearer of seven generations of India’s most renowned musical family, Nishat Khan has an innate ability to take the quality and direction of the music to new heights through solo expertise as well as collaboration. A diverse variety of influences, including India’s musical heritage, jazz, flamenco, western classical and Gregorian chant, have been incorporated to his sound and approach as a performer, composer and musical director in many films. With wisdom and appreciation pertaining to the music and its history felt through his playing, The Guardian described it as an “infinite imaginative variety.” In addition to the Traditional Sitar performance, Khan’s special projects include both Meeting of Angels (with Gregorian Choir) and The Gate of the Moon (Sitar Concerto No 1).