Larry Grenadier

With Larry Grenadier’s solo bass recording, The Gleaners (ECM), he takes a look inward, an excavation into the core elements of who he is as a bass player. It is a search for the center of sound and timbre, for the threads of harmony and rhythm that formulate the crux of his musical identity. “I have learned to glean bits of information here and there, to harvest ideas that I have found useful that others might have passed over. One doesn’t glean fast. It happens slowly over time” said Grenadier. “Performing solo music on the double bass precludes excess. The fat is cut away and what hopefully remains of the skeletal essence is direct and nourishing.” The many real life influences on his music are wide ranging. From Oscar Pettiford to Agnes Varda. From Paul Hindemith to Paul Motian. Water, immigration, home and family were all harvested for inspiration so that each listener might glean a unique version of this story set to music.