Caetano Veloso

North America, Asia, Australia, South America

For over 35 years, Grammy Award winning Caetano Veloso has been a major musical, social and cultural force in Brazil, and an influential figure to musicians all over the world. The New York Times calls him ‘one of the greatest songwriters of the century.’ Caetano’s next project represents the Veloso family, as it’s a collaboration featuring his three sons: Moreno, Zeca, and Tom. This legendary lineage looks forward to publicly presenting their innate musical relationship, involving extraordinary songwriting. Caetano describes the project in his own words as follows:

I have wanted to make music with my sons for a long time. When they were children, I always sang them to sleep. Moreno and Zeca liked it, while Tom used to ask me to stop. Although they took different paths, they each moved towards music at some point in their lives.

Singing with my family is like a celebration that fills me with happiness. I went on tour with Moreno some years ago and now we are joined by Zeca and Tom on this new concert called ‘Ofertório.’ We will be performing some of our favorite songs like ‘Um Canto de Afoxé Para o Bloco do Ilê,’ plus some contemporary music, as well as a selection of my songs chosen by my sons. For instance, ‘O Leãozinho,’ a song often requested by other people’s sons, was a song my sons always liked to ask me to sing. We will play some of the hits from my career, and also music that is new to all four of us.

During our first talks, we thought about inviting other musicians to enrich the arrangements. But we decided to keep it to only us four on stage ‘” acoustic and simple. I’m the one who only plays guitar. Moreno, Zeca, and Tom take turns on various instruments. It’s an intimate concert, born from my will of being happy. Having kids was the most important thing that happened in my adulthood. This concert is dedicated to their moms, to Cezar Mendes, and in memory of my mother.