Dave Holland: Basso Nobile

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Friday May 20, 2011

From La Scena Musicale

Dave Holland : Basso Nobile
By: Marc Chénard

There’s an old joke that goes like this:

There once was an aging couple that hadn’t uttered a word to each other for years. Family and friends tried to get them talking, to no avail. One day, a musician brought a bandmate to play his bass for them. And’“presto! Within seconds, they were chatting away. So it just goes to show you: everyone talks during a bass solo!

But when Dave Holland launches into one of his own, the exact opposite happens: audiences hold their breaths as the sounds seemingly gush out of his double bass, with occasional gasps of wonderment greeting one or another of his virtuosic turns. As one of the most acclaimed jazzmen of our times, his work as composer and bandleader has been duly acknowledged by two Grammy awards, both earned in the last decade. For over 25 years, he has produced a string of sterling releases under his own name, first for the prestigious ECM label, but more recently on his own imprint, Dare2 Records.

A face familiar to Canadian festival-goers, in particular those in Montreal who have witnessed his prowess on numerous occasions, Holland will be gracing our city in late June as an invited guest of the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal (FIJM).

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