3 Cohens, A Family Affair

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Monday August 22, 2011


A Family Affair
By: Abigail Klein Leichman

Meet Yuval, Anat and Avishai Cohen, Tel Aviv siblings who are tearing up the global jazz music scene.

How does one raise three children to become world-class jazz musicians? Bilha and David Cohen aren’t exactly sure how Yuval, Anat and Avishai ‘” who record and tour separately and together as ‘The 3 Cohens,’ ‘” all ended up on the same page ‘” that is, stage.

‘I don’t know how it worked,’ the siblings’ mother confesses to ISRAEL21c in an interview from her Tel Aviv home. The following day, she was flying to the Umbria Jazz Festival in Italy to see Anat, recently named Clarinetist of the Year by the Jazz Journalists Association for the fifth straight year.

A former kindergarten music teacher, Bilha Cohen ferried her kids to lessons at the Jaffa Music Conservatory three times a week. But that was their choice.

‘We never pushed them,’ she stresses.

‘Anat began playing a small organ when she was six, and took up the clarinet when she was 12.’

Yuval claimed the saxophone at age nine. Avishai requested trumpet lessons when he was eight.

‘Can you imagine hearing different wind instruments playing in our house at the same time?’ Bilha says.

‘It was crazy.’

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