Jason Moran's Summer Music Pick

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Thursday September 08, 2011

From NPR’s The Record

Songs Of The Summer: Musicians’ Picks
By: Frannie Kelley

This week on The Record, we’re looking at some of the songs that captured our attention (or held us hostage) this summer, and asking what they tell us about our standards, our anxieties and the places we want our music to take us when it’s hot out. We made a Spotify playlist for as many of the songs we’ve been talking about as we could.

In the past week and a half we’ve asked a handful of musicians from across the country to tell us what’s been their summer jam this year ‘” a track they’ve found unavoidable or one they themselves have worn out, a song they listened to all summer long or one that soundtracked a single perfect summer moment.

Jason Moran
New York City
“Turn Me Awa (Get MuNNY)” by Erykah Badu

I wish I had a new song that has really been rocking this summer, and I really hoped Watch the Throne would supply it. Nevertheless, Erykah Badu’s song “Turn Me Away” has been on repeat during most of my car trips with my twin three-year-old boys. My boys love the song because of the simple three note melody that she repeats incessantly. It almost sounds like a children’s song, and combine that with an unbelievable groove, it’s got all the making of a summer jam. I’m truly wearing it out, even though I’ve had the recording for a long while. Thank you, Erykah.

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