A Cosmic Thing Happened With John Scofield

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Thursday October 20, 2011

From Jambands

A Cosmic Thing Happened With John Scofield
By: Randy Ray

John Scofield returns with his first studio album since 2009’s Piety Street. Whereas that project focused on music familiar to gospel music lovers, the guitarist turns another corner on A Moment’s Peace and shifts his musical ear on the ballad. Neither too quiet, nor too rambunctious, Sco finds a sweet sonic balance between the notes that makes his original and cover tunes on the even dozen project a pure listening joy. The legendary axe man has been quite busy of late, playing in various configurations and featuring layers of collaborations in the ‘million bands’ he has formed and focused in the past few years. caught up with Scofield before he takes another variation of his group, a quartet, on the road in the United States for a one month trek which begins on October 18 after numerous international dates in South America and Europe with other outfits. The ballads album showcases another side of his playing while also offering yet another look at the artistic colors in the man’s myriad of stylistic choices. What is so refreshing is that whereas Scofield can play in everything from a Danish orchestra to the Allman Brothers Band to Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood, he never loses his consistently powerful voice on guitar. The instrument speaks loudly and softly within the textures of these many musical environments, and he does very well here, too, in our conversation.

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