Israel's family gift to jazz: 3 Cohens

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Friday October 28, 2011

From The Indianapolis Star

Israel’s family gift to jazz: 3 Cohens
By: Jay Harvey

he band that calls itself 3 Cohens ‘” siblings Avishai, trumpet, and reed players Yuval and Anat ‘” has followed up the intricate but appealing ‘Braid’ with a down-to-earth, almost retro program called ‘Family’ (Anzic Records). The family is on a kick from the start, Avishai’s original called ‘Shufla De Shufla,’ which seems to run New Orleans shuffle rhythms through a Middle Eastern sensibility. Jazz fans who took in the SFJAZZ Collective show at the Palladium recently will doubtless remember the tall, bearded trumpeter in the band.

Speaking of the Palladium, this disc features the ageless Jon Hendricks (who will be coming to the Palladium in December with a couple of the vocal groups his skills have inspired) on two numbers: ‘On the Sunny Side of the Street’ and ‘Roll ‘Em, Pete.’ Hendricks still swings, and the band is clearly inspired by his presence, but his phrasing is choppy, possibly because there’s little sustaining power left in his voice anymore.

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