REVIEW: Maceo Parker and Prince at Metro Centre

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Thursday December 01, 2011

from The Chronicle Herald
By Stephen Cooke

Prince Delivers Stunning Performance

Power of purple one packs Metro Centre

Sad to say, concerts at the Halifax Metro Centre just won’t look or feel the same after witnessing a devastating performance by Prince on Wednesday night.

Shows that are packed to the rafters are few and far between these days, but the power of the purple one drew roughly 10,000 attendees from near and far to shake their collective booty for over two hours.

‘This is the best place on earth right now!’ exclaimed the Minneapolis soul man, clad in black flares and an embroidered vest, with his face and hair sparkling with glitter. Frankly, who could argue that point? Then he took it to the next level, introducing ‘the baddest man in show business,’ Maceo Parker. The same Maceo Parker who played sax on some of the greatest funk records of all time by James Brown and the Parliament-Funkadelic crew. This was going to be epic.

Parker’s stacatto phrases ‘” the same ones sampled by Public Enemy and De La Soul in the halcyon days of hip hop ‘” settled right into the groove, and kept on going as the band shifted into K.C. and the Sunshine Band’s Get Down Tonight. They also inspired Prince to get down, as he sashayed down the catwalk to the stage’s arrow tip to do the good foot, swivel his hips, and shake his butt, to the delight of those in the front row.

‘Everybody jump up and down!’ he commanded to the beat of Housequake, and as one we all did his bidding. Resistance was useless. ‘Halifax, we are here!’ Yeah, and about time too.

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