Jazz musician Anat Cohen to play The Egg

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Thursday February 09, 2012


Jazz musician Anat Cohen to play The Egg
By: R.J. DeLuke

To watch Anat Cohen play her horn on stage, whether it’s saxophone or clarinet, is to observe an artist fully engaged the experience. Full of passion. Full of joy. When she’s not soloing, she’s moving to the music being made by her comrades. She might sway, dance, pirouette. When she closes her eyes and blows, she’s all in, taking the listener on a blissful voyage.
Her technique is remarkable, and it’s no wonder that she has risen quickly among the ranks of today’s best jazz artists, winning magazine polls and awards from the Jazz Journalists Association. But there’s more than great technique at work for this Israel-born musician who arrived in the U.S. in 1996 to attend the Berklee School of Music.
“When someone invites me to go and play, I feel grateful. I feel a responsibility, as a performer, to have the people who come out to see me leave the show with an experience, some journey,” she said recently from onboard a Holland America cruise ship, about to embark on a jazz cruise through the Caribbean. She wants audience members to leave her concerts “with something to remember, something they feel, something to take with them. That’s the responsibility I feel when I go to play.”

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