SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK'S Musical Commentary

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Monday March 05, 2012

From The Greenville News

Sweet Honey in the Rock comes to Clemson’s Brooks Center on Thursday
By: Paul Hyde

The Grammy Award-winning Sweet Honey in the Rock is nothing if not topical.

The female a cappella group, now celebrating 38 years of performing, continues to use music as a means of social commentary.

Recently, the ensemble released “We Are a Nation,” a musical response to Arizona’s controversial immigration law.

That’s no surprise. Through the years, the group has addressed topics ranging from motherhood to spirituality, freedom, civil rights, domestic violence and racism.

The six-member African-American ensemble is coming to Clemson’s Brooks Center for a performance Thursday beginning at 8 p.m.

The group sings in five-part harmony, with a sixth member translating with sign language. The group has 20 albums to its credit, including several Grammy Award nominees and one Grammy Award winner (“Folkways: A Vision Shared.”)

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