The 3 Cohens Play SFJAZZ's Israeli Jazz Fest

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Friday April 27, 2012

From The Sacramento Bee

Jewish Jazz Festival

Anyone who saw trumpeter Avishai Cohen play with the SFJAZZ Collective last month at the Mondavi knows he is a remarkable young musician who happens to be Jewish. His cultural and religious heritage comes more to the forefront this weekend at SFJAZZ-sponsored Israeli Jazz Fest at the Jewish Community Center in San Francisco. Cohen will play with two of the three groups performing in the mini festival curated by his sister, saxophonist and clarinetist Anat Cohen. On Saturday the collective Third World Love performs with Avishai Cohen, Yonatan Avishai on piano, Daniel Freedman on drums and Omer Avital on bass…

…Saturday night’s concert features the Three Cohens, as Avishai and Anat are joined by their brother, soprano saxophonist Yuval, in their adventurous family band. The Gilad Hekelsman Trio opens the show.

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