SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK 'celebrates' Brooklyn

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Tuesday July 17, 2012


SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK ‘celebrates’ Brooklyn
By: Jim Bessman

Sweet Honey In The Rock demands’“and gets’“both complete attention and participation from both its adult and children’s audiences. Last Sunday’s afternoon Sweet Honey children’s concert at Celebrate Brooklyn’s annual Ezra Jack Keats Family Concert at the Prospect Park Bandshell was no exception.

After Sesame Street’s Roscoe Orman delighted all ages with his reading of Brooklyn-born children’s book author Keats’ most famous work The Snowy Day’“now 50 years old’“Sweet Honey emerged, striking as ever, in varied summer white garments, each woman wearing a different turquoise accessory.

‘How many people know that when you woke up this morning, a lot of people in the world did not?’ Carol Maillard asked, gently yet soberly, then cushioning her question’s implication with the confirmation of how wonderful it was for those in the park to be on the planet, in a wonderful crowd, in Brooklyn, and above all, ‘having a good time with Sweet Honey In The Rock.’

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