The Bad Plus Brings A New Style

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Monday October 01, 2012

From The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Bad Plus brings a new style to Chris’ Jazz Cafe
By: Shaun Brady

…The Bad Plus also has changed: Missing from the two sets on Saturday night were any of those crowd-pleasing, slightly tongue-in-cheek rock covers, as they were from their last two albums. The band’s focus has shifted more fully to the members’ own distinctive compositions, which combine puckish bombast with a playfully subversive sense of experimentation.

Each set began in sedate fashion, though both quickly established why the Bad Plus remain the rare jazz group that deserves to be called a power trio. The evening began with the sweetly wistful sound of bassist Reid Anderson’s “Pound for Pound” from the trio’s latest album, Made Possible. As the piece strolled on, Anderson and pianist Ethan Iverson began spinning tendril-like deviations from the main melodic line while drummer Dave King tripped and stuttered the beat with the acrobatic tumbling of a silent-film comedian.

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