Avishai Cohen Fuses Jazz With Israeli Roots

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Tuesday November 13, 2012


Avishai Cohen Fuses Jazz With Israeli Roots
Israeli trumpeter comes to perform at the Regattabar

By: Tree A. Palmedo

‘People like to hear people analyze their own music,’ says Avishai Cohen, calmly sipping an espresso before a sound check at Cambridge’s Regattabar last Thursday. ‘Today,’ he says, ‘it’s like the better you talk about your music, the more gigs you’re going to get.’ Yet the Israeli trumpeter doesn’t utter a word when he takes the stage later that night. The 34-year old Tel Aviv native silently saunters into the spotlight to exuberant applause, wearing an open-collared black dress shirt and a red tie dangling around his neck. His long hair has been pulled up into a bun at the back of his head, fully revealing his bearded face. There’s no flowery opening speech, not even a count off; Cohen simply puts his trumpet to his lips and lets the burnished-toned notes speak for themselves. Throughout the rest of the performance, Cohen speaks very little, instead letting his tradition-informed but fresh sound define his musical persona.

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