Review: Triveni "Cohen is as fearless"

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Tuesday November 27, 2012


By: J Hunter

Don’t let the Roman numerals fool you: Triveni II is not, specifically, a sequel. It seems that the 2009 sessions that gave us Avishai Cohen’s divine disc Introducing Triveni produced enough music for two whole releases. As such, the cataclysmic trumpeter’s latest offering is (thankfully) closer to ‘Kill Bill’ than it is to ‘Die Hard with a Vengeance.’ Like Donny McCaslin’s sax-trio date Recommended Tools, Cohen is out on the wire without a net, supported only by rhythm devils Omer Avitel and Nasheet Waits. Cohen is as fearless as his reed-wizard sister Anat, and it takes a fearless person to jump on Ornette Coleman’s ‘Music News’ or Charles Mingus’ ‘Portrait’ and wrestle that sucker to the ground. The latter tune is tailor-made for Avitel (who plays bass in Anat’s quartet), as is Avishai’s blues-soaked take on the classic ‘Willow Weep for Me.’ Although Waits paints with swirling brushes on the reflective original ‘November 30th’ and the alternate take of Don Cherry’s ‘Art Deco,’ the powerful drummer happily flexes his muscles on Cohen’s playful bopper ‘BR Story’ and the band’s bust-out reboot of Dizzy Gillespie’s ‘Woody ‘n’ You.’ And I’m sorry, but you have to love a disc where one Ornette tune isn’t enough! ‘Follow the Sound’ should be Triveni’s theme song, because after two straight releases that take no prisoners, I’m ready to to follow them anywhere.

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