"Rapturous Praise" for Sweet Honey In The Rock

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Friday February 01, 2013

From The Kansas City Star

Sweet Honey In the Rock connects with Kauffman Center audience
By: Bill Brownlee

The rapturous praise and energetic applause that greeted the opening song of Sweet Honey In the Rock’s magnificent performance Thursday at the Muriel Kauffman Theatre indicated that the concert would contain plenty of communal rapport between the audience of about 1,200 and the six women on stage.

The entrancing version of “Hush (Somebody’s Calling My Name)” merited the spontaneous displays of enthusiasm.

For 100 minutes not including intermission, the a cappella quartet performed traditional gospel material, civil rights anthems and politically-charged pop songs.

The exuberant interaction between performers and the audience heightened the celebratory tone of the evening while affirming the universal appeal of the repertoire.

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