DCist Preview: John Scofield's Hollowbody Band

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Thursday April 04, 2013


DCist Preview: John Scofield’s Hollowbody Band @ The Howard Theatre
By Sriram Gopal

Musical chameleons have become increasingly commonplace in jazz over the past several decades. Part of it has to do with an explosion in the types of different music to which one has access these days, but the vagaries of the modern music industry also drive musicians to develop eclectic skill sets. Long gone are the days when someone could make a career playing just one style of music. No one embodies the notion of artistic shape-shifting more than legendary guitarist John Scofield.

Schooled in the blues as a teenager, he studied jazz in college and his first professional gigs were with baritone saxophonist Gerry Mulligan and trumpeter Chet Baker. This was the 1970s, when fusion was asserting itself as a force within jazz. Scofield was at the vanguard of this fertile period through his work with drummer Billy Cobham and keyboardist George Duke. In the ’80s, he worked with jazz icon Miles Davis and since the late ’80s, Scofield has worked predominately as a bandleader, recording dozens of albums. Over the past decade, he also has become familiar to younger audiences, having toured on the jam band circuit with Medeski Martin & Wood, as well as his own bands. Tonight, he will revisit his jazz roots at The Howard Theatre, leading his Hollowbody Band.

“Last year, I wrote some music that I thought would be good for two guitars, more specific to the jazz area, rather than my other bands that tend to be more electric,” Scofield said during a recent interview with DCist.

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