Scofield + Stern = twice the jazz guitar greatness

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Tuesday April 09, 2013


Review: John Scofield + Mike Stern = twice the jazz guitar greatness
By Dan Emerson

Unlike rock and country bands, jazz groups rarely feature more than one guitar player. So that makes guitarist John Scofield’s current Hollowbody Band a unique project.

The quartet, which opened a two-night stand at the Dakota in Minneapolis on Monday night, April 8, pairs Scofield with another one of the most influential fusion-jazz guitarists of the past 30 years, Mike Stern.

Before their current tour, the last time the two six-stringers played together was in a very high-profile setting: as members of one of the late Miles Davis’ late 1980s bands. During the ’80s, Scofield and Stern also spent countless nights jamming in a more low-key setting, at Manhattan’s 55 Bar (a jam session mecca for top jazz players).

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