Positive Notes: Interview with Roberto Fonseca

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Wednesday April 10, 2013

From Marie Claire

Positive notes

The Cuban pianist Roberto Fonseca begins European tour
By: Laila Bonazzi

Roberto Fonseca says the word “music” twenty times a minute. And for the former piano prodigy of the Buena Vista Social Club there are only two types: “The good and the bad. If you ask me what I listen to, then I confess that in my mp3 player there are also parts techno and rock. “ Throughout the month of April, the Afro-Caribbean jazz from his latest album Yo comes directly from Cuba for the European tour (all dates on the official website ).

What is the message of your music and this album?
I want the music to be played in always pure and fresh, which we tried to entertain people, bringing positive messages.

It was difficult to pose naked for the cover of the album?
No, I was happy to do a cover different from the usual jazz album, or however we want to define my music. For a musician it is important to take risks in many ways. I offer open hands forward because it’s like if I wanted to offer the most hidden part of myself to the public.

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