Triveni II " impressive levels of energy and creativity"

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Friday April 12, 2013


Avishai Cohen: Triveni II
By: Cormac Larkin

For a trumpeter, it takes more than a little chutzpah to dispense with any chordal instrument and negotiate the sparse terrain of the jazz trio. But then, Israeli-born Avishai Cohen (whose name is always followed by the word ‘trumpeter’ to distinguish him from the bassist of the same name) is by no means lacking in that particular quality. The 10 tracks here are culled from the same session that produced Triveni I, Cohen’s well-regarded 2010 release, and they display the same impressive levels of energy and creativity. Cohen and fellow Israeli bassist Omer Avital are both on form, but in fact it is New York native Nasheet Waits who really stands out, colonising the spaces left by the absent chordal instrument with an endlessly inventive, deeply grooving performance at the drums.

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