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Monday May 20, 2013


An Israeli Jazz Prophret
Bu: Seisedos Iker

Spread these days a kind in the world of jazz in Spain (as in need of good news) which tells of a prodigious Israeli trumpeter Avishai Cohen called (not to be confused with the bassist of the same name and nationality). He was able to give hope to fans during a successful tour that took in early May for six cities. It was due only to the good atmosphere of the concerts or the high artistic level of a trio completed by Reiner Elizarde The Negron on bass and Iago Fernandez on drums, was especially happy reunion with adventure club jazz. The instrumentalist struggled at the scene of lower Manhattan and now lives in Tel Aviv, a style that brings a contemporary style from Don Cherry, Clifford Brown or Ornette Coleman, whom Cohen used to visit at his home in New York since that day he addressed “as a fan either on a record company.”

At a recent meeting in Madrid, just before meeting for the first time with the bass would sign a brilliant concert, Cohen (Tel Aviv, 1978), vegetarian complexion brief, was as affable concerned about their pints style jazzmen old and past child prodigy. “I started playing as 10 years. Not sure if that makes me too early, I know that had a huge facility with the trumpet. I was very clear from the beginning that I would devote to this. So either I used too much time in studies. Today I wish I had “.

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