The Gloaming's "Truly Dazzling Show"

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Thursday June 20, 2013

From The Irish Post

Live review: The Gloaming, Union Chapel, London
By James Martin

…And it’s a truly dazzling show, where extraordinary musicianship meets with old Gaelic numbers ‘” one of which, No. 44, is, we are told, some 800 years old ‘” delivered with a contemporary twist.

The highlight of the evening? There’s singer Iarla Ô Lionáird’s rich, textured tones which heralds at the start of a 20-minute opening jam. Or Hayes’ melodious and furiously high-tempo leads on the violin, through reels like Rolling in the Barrel, which cause reflex stomps from the audience in the same way they would react to cues from a priest at mass.

Then there’s handsome New York pianist Thomas Bartlett’s subtle yet hypnotic piano lines.

But for me, it comes when fiddle maestro Caoimhín Ô Raghallaigh, draped in a loose white shirt set against the bandmates’ dark suits, turns towards Dennis Cahill, who is slowly-picking guitar lines. Raghallaigh gently scrapes out slow and sombre, drone-like notes from his five-string instrument to an awe-struck and hushed congregation.

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