Marisa Monte Brings Technically Dazzling Tour to USA

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Tuesday June 25, 2013

From Miami Herald

Brazilian singer Marisa Monte brings technically dazzling tour to Fillmore Miami Beach
By: Jordan Levin

Brazilian singer Marisa Monte’s current tour is a kind of musical art gallery, with enough groundbreaking technology and multimedia visuals to thrill fans of Art Basel and the Ultra Music Festival. Images by Brazil’s leading visual artists bloom across giant layered screens and even the willowy Monte’s body, holographic projections play in the air, and custom computer programs multiply her voice and create other magical effects.

‘Everyone uses lights and projections,’ says Monte from Rio de Janeiro. ‘I wanted more than beauty. I wanted feeling. I wanted poetry. Something impressively different.’

Called Truth, An Illusion, the elaborate production generated critical raves and drew more than 200,000 people in 14 Brazilian cities last year. It plays Sunday and Monday at the Fillmore Miami Beach, one of only three U.S. stops. The show is presented by the Rhythm Foundation, which has hosted Monte at ever-larger venues on each of her U.S. tours, starting at the Colony Theater in 1994.

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