John Scofield - Umberjamming Again

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Thursday July 11, 2013

From Glide Magazine

John Scofield – Umberjamming Again
By Doug Collette

Given that John Scofield’s distinctive guitar style is a perfect cross between the staccato of vintage electric blues and the fluidity of classic jazz guitar, it’s little wonder he so effortlessly traverses as broad a musical expanse. His eclectic approach compels asking whether there’s a more adventurous contemporary jazz guitarist?

Just scan the projects the man’s embarked upon in recent years. So far only a road project, The Hollowbody Band positions Sco and kindred spirits exploring the realm of traditional jazz guitaring. Piety Street found the guitarist/composer/bandleader delving deeply down to the roots of contemporary gospel, while on This Meets That, a compact horn section complements his own instrument. On Trio Beyond he engaged in some wild fusion music with drummer Jack DeJohnette and long-time keyboard compatriot Larry Goldings, the counterpoint of which, A Moment’s Peace, found Scofield, Goldings and likeminded partners playing ballads with a comparably dexterous feather-light touch.

And these recordings and tours don’t take into account John Scofield’s abiding relationship with Medeski Martin & Wood, with whom he regularly (if somewhat sporadically) appears on stage and in recording studios. Or the mutually gratifying kinship Scofield maintains with Grateful Dead/Furthur bassist Phil Lesh. And then, as now, there is The Uberjam Band, a reliable and longstanding source of joyous grooves that belies the studied approach of the wizened musician whose resume includes stints with Mahavishnu drummer Billy Cobham and one of jazz music’s larger-than-life icons, Miles Davis.

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