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Monday July 15, 2013


Thoughts on the trumpet, and live jazz, and fading stars.

This is an LJC ‘indulge me’ postscript.

So much of my listening to modern jazz has been on vinyl, a riveting set at the Nice Jazz Festival this week by Omer Avital, featuring Avishai Cohen on trumpet, brought me up sharply. I had heard the trumpet by Miles and a few others on record, but I had never really heard a modern jazz quintet live in the flesh featuring a first class jazz trumpet, and I was unprepared for how potent an instrument it is, in the right hands. Piercing bright, silver and golden tones cut through the upper register, along with the other stuff ‘up there’ like cymbals, the stuff that gets cut off on so many recordings. The power and intensity caught me unprepared.

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