Chris Thile's Performance in London is "Breathtaking"

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Tuesday November 19, 2013

From Morning Star

Thile goes Bach to his roots
By: Rhys Evans

Suited but scruffy, Chris Thile tumbles on stage with the clumsy energy of Buster Keaton. He’s obviously lost none of that wide-eyed enthusiasm for music or his chosen instrument, the often-overlooked mandolin.

Over the last 10 years Thile has evolved from being one of the most recognisable musicians in bluegrass – he’s best-known as The Punch Brothers’ front man – to being a world-renowned innovator and musical collaborator, performing a unique blend of classical, rock, jazz, blues and folk.

His new album, an ambitious collection of Bach pieces, means there’s plenty of classical in the set list and, despite originally having been written for solo violin, the mandolin’s lute-like tone suits baroque music so well it’s hard to believe it’s not what the composer had in mind.

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