Fadista Ana Moura Discusses Latest Album

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Sunday March 02, 2014

From Todays Zaman

Fado singer Ana Moura says she loves to experience the difference
By: Cenk Erdem

Portuguese fado singer Ana Moura is going to present her fifth album, ‘Desfado,’ to a Turkish audience on Wednesday at Ä°stanbul’s Cemal ReÅŸit Rey (CRR) Concert Hall as part of her most recent Europe concert tour to promote ‘Desfado.’
Considered to be one of the most popular contemporary fado singers since the day she caught the ear of renowned fado singer Maria da Fé, Moura launched her debut album, ‘Guarda-me a Vida Na Mão’ in 2003. Her sophomore album, ‘Aconteceu,’ came in 2004 and later that year she became the first Portuguese artist to perform at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

A series of concerts from around the world and an onstage performance with Mick Jagger cemented Moura’s success and Amália Rodrigues Foundation named her the best performer of the year in 2007. This honor secured her title as an acclaimed fado performer in Portugal and her fourth album, ‘Leva-me aos Fados,’ (Take Me to a Fado House) in 2009 quickly reached platinum status.

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