Caetano Veloso Leads Brazilian Cast for ‘I’m Alive’ Rainforest Alliance Project

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Tuesday April 22, 2014

From Billboard

Caetano Veloso Leads Brazilian Cast for ‘I’m Alive’ Rainforest Alliance Project
BY: Judy Cantor-Navas

Brazilian star Caetano Veloso and rocker Lenine are among the artists who have gathered in Rio’s Floresta de Tijuca rainforest to record new music based on Veloso’s classic ‘Nine Out of Ten’ and ‘sing their love for the Earth.’

The ‘I’m Alive – Rainforest Alliance Sessions’ honors Earth Day with a video premiere of the artists standing on lush Oceanside mountains and playing acoustic and electronic instruments in the shade of awe-inspiring trees.

Rio has the biggest urban forest you can imagine,’ Veloso told Billboard. ‘It’s a place I love enormously. It’s said to be the biggest in the world. It was planted by Dom Pedro II, the Emperor of Brazil, in the 19th Century. Rio was surrounded by coffee plantations, so the Emperor took the lands into the hands of the State. We went up to the hills and into the forest to record the music and shoot the images.
Veloso, co-founder of the activist Tropicalia movement, is also well known in the U.S for his collaborations with David Byrne. The GRAMMY-winning singer/songwriter was joined by Lenine and fellow Brazilian artists Criolo, Emicida, Pretinho da Serrinha and Sistah Mo Respect. Model Gisele Bundchen, a member of the Rainforest Alliance Board of Directors, provided narration for the video. The music for the project was produced by New York-based Andres Levin, and the video by Paula Lavigne of Brazil’s Uns Produções e Filmes.

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