John Scofield Finds Harmony With Organic Trio

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Monday May 12, 2014


John Scofield Finds Harmony With Organic Trio
By Jedd Beaudoin

Since his recording debut in the late 1970s John Scofield has not just become one of the leading voices in jazz guitar but one of the most interesting and consistently fresh-sounding masters of the instrument. Among Scofield’s current projects is the Organic Trio, featuring drummer Greg Hutchinson and keyboardist Larry Goldings.

The trio is in part a celebration of Scofield’s long-standing friendship with the Goldings as well as a celebration of shared musical interests.

‘I first heard him in New York City in the early ’90s,’ Scofield says, ‘when he was first coming on the scene there. I loved his playing. We started playing together back then and we’ve made a few albums together over the years.’

Those albums include Hand Jive, which also featured Eddie Harris, Groove Elation, and A Moment’s Peace. ‘The organic trio has its own material,’ he says. ‘But we also do some jazz standards and some funky stuff.’

The repertoire includes some selections from Scofield’s tribute to Ray Charles, What I Say, which Goldings was also part of. Scofield says that one thing you won’t hear at any of his shows is a simple run down of his greatest hits.

And for good reason.

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