Mighty Night for Jazz With Blue Note

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Tuesday May 13, 2014

From The Georgetowner

Mighty Night for Jazz With Blue Note at Kennedy Center
By Gary Tischler

They called it ‘Blue Note at 75 ‘” The Concert.’ In truth, it was exactly what record producer Don Was said it was: ‘What you’ve got here with Blue Note is the history of jazz in America.’

The concert itself was made up of some historic figures from the Blue Note canon. The newer staples and mainstay star artists contained that history, too, as performers, including host Jason Moran, the Kennedy Center Artistic Advisor for Jazz, and a Blue Note Records artist himself.

In the process, they showed off the rich terrain of American jazz: its diverse personae and personalities and styles, its ageless qualities and that part of the music that continues to refresh itself in bubbling, sometimes on-fire like a musical baptismal font and stream of improvisation.

Jazz lovers, fans and friends, knowledgeable cool men and women bathed in the familiar sounds and music, were always jolted by something new. After all, you can’t have jazz without something new. Moran, a standout and individualistic pianist, played in his tennis shoes.

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