Three Cool Cats Make Up the Cohen Jazz Trifecta

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Wednesday June 11, 2014


Three cool cats make up the Cohen jazz trifecta
By: Barry Davis

Members of bands that stay in business for a long time ‘” and they are generally few and far between ‘” often talk about having a sense of kinship. That includes the squabbles as well as the closeness and the shared creative nous.

Jazz trumpeter Avishai Cohen and his cohorts in this evening’s closing slot of this year’s Jazz at the Opera series certainly share a great deal of empathy, sympathy and, yes, even love. For Cohen’s principal collaborators in the 3 Cohens concert are sister Anat, who plays tenor saxophone and clarinet, and soprano saxophonist Yuval.

Each of the siblings has been busy forging successful solo careers for some years now. Avishai and Anat are long time New York residents, and all three attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. Yuval relocated back here after experiencing some health-related issues ‘” thankfully, all is well with him now ‘” while the other two have continued working from their stateside bases, making forays over here and elsewhere around the world.

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