Caetano Veloso's power to transport at 71

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Friday June 20, 2014

From Brazilian Orpheus

Caetano Veloso: A Man With a Guitar
By: Eugene S. Robinson

There’s actually a name for what happens when you stand in full contemplation of the great goodness that is the musical mountain generated by Caetano Veloso: the Jerusalem Syndrome. Brazilian folk with Afro-Cuban rhythms and pop, all astride his plaintive and sweet-sounding vocal lines.

Which is what shrinks call the phenomenon of people completely losing their minds in the presence of the profound. It’s usually triggered by religious symbols, but musical art will do just fine here. Because just about any entry point into the work of the 71-year-old Brazilian composer, guitarist, singer and winner of nine Latin Grammys and two non-Latin Grammys, has the eerie power to transport you to a place well outside whatever you ever knew about your mind.

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