Review: Still pushing at the edges, Caetano at Hollywood Bowl

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Tuesday September 23, 2014

From The L.A. Times
By Randall Roberts

Caetano Veloso gigs the Hollywood Bowl

Three handsome men, each raised in different decades in different countries and with varied demeanors, walked onto the Hollywood Bowl stage one after another on Sunday night and sang in a few different Romance languages about mortality, love, diamonds and jasmine, sinister helicopters, disgusting sex, movie stars and more…

Most important in the scheme of things, the fabled Brazilian singer, songwriter and restless creative spirit Caetano Veloso, in his first appearance at the Bowl after more than four decades as one of his country’s most vital voices, powered through a set as daring as it was inspired.

His exuberant, expansive sounds married bossa nova, rock, reggae, funk and a host of genre-less noises generated by his and his three-piece band’s imagination. That his fellow musicians looked to be half his age — at the most — says something about Veloso’s approach and his muse.

If nothing else, let history record that on Sept. 21, 2014, during a late-season installment of KCRW’s annual World Festival series, Veloso, 72, finally sang his classic song ‘Baby’ in the open air glory of the Hollywood Bowl.