John Scofield: In Conversation

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Friday October 03, 2014

From Glide Magazine

John Scofield: In Conversation (Interview)
By Neil Ferguson

Guitarist John Scofield is no stranger to collaboration, having played with monumental artists like Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, and Phil Lesh, to name a few. Yet, out of all the legends he has played with and groups he has fronted or had a hand in, what may be John Scofield’s most notable and consistent collaboration is his work with the avant-jazz-funk trio Medeski Martin & Wood. Since first getting together with the group on his 1998 album A Go Go, Scofield has been something of an honorary member of MMW due to their frequent work as a quartet. For fans of MMW, the presence of a monstrously talented lead guitarist like Scofield adds an exciting dynamic to the group and morphs their sound into something entirely different.

The group’s recently released full length album, Juice (Indirecto Records), is their first studio collaboration of original material since their 2006 work, Out Louder. Though MSMW have toured together numerous times over the last several years and even released a 2011 live album called In Case the World Changes Its Mind, there is something intriguing and special about seeing what these four masters of the form can do together in the studio. Juice features a collection of original tunes and colorful instrumental reworkings of classic tunes like The Doors’ ‘Light My Fire’ and Cream’s ‘Sunshine of Your Love.’ The album is steeped in tropical influences and styles ranging from boogaloo soul jazz to heavy dub and everything in between. Ultimately, Juice is a long overdue studio reunion for Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood, and it is invigorating to hear what each musician brings to the table. Fresh off a European tour with his own Ãœberjam, John Scofield took the time to chat about the MSMW sound, Juice, and the never dull life of a jazz guitarist.

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