Children of the Light playing in easy lockstep

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Friday February 13, 2015

From Arts Atlanta
By Jon Ross

Review: Children of the Light jazz trio lights up Spivey Hall with jam-infused musicianship

April can’t come soon enough.

During a concert by the Children of the Light on Saturday at Clayton State University, pianist Danilo Pérez said the trio – which includes drummer Brian Blade and John Patitucci on acoustic and electric bass – will head to the studio this spring for its first recording sessions.

The musicians have been playing as a unit for 15-odd years supporting Wayne Shorter, most recently on 2013’s Without A Net live recording, but this new disc would present the trio as a cohesive ensemble. Last year at the Rialto, the musicians had already proven their relationship with Shorter isn’t at all subordinate; during the enthralling performance, Pérez, Patitucci and Blade weren’t simply accompanying a music master, but were participating in an organic, collaborative music-making process.

Pérez, Patitucci and Blade easily move in lockstep. This familiarity and appreciation of common musical goals helped create a level of jazz club intimacy even in Clayton State’s Spivey Hall.

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