'The Jones Family Will Make A Way' Exclusive Trailer

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Friday February 27, 2015

From Indie Wire

Watch: Gospel Singers Team Up with Atheists in ‘The Jones Family Will Make A Way’ Exclusive Trailer
By Jena Keahon

The first trailer has been released for Alan Berg’s “The Jones Family Will Make A Way,” which follows a surprising collaboration between a religious, musical family and an atheist critic.

The documentary film follows a rural, Pentecostal preacher, Bishop Fred Jones, whose family has performed on the southern gospel circuit for years, largely unseen by those outside the faith. Despite objections from many within his congregation, the Bishop decides to take his family’s musical ministry outside the church.

The film appears to be another story of an unlikely alliance, this time between a gospel-singing family and a jaded, atheistic rock critic. While this seems almost unthinkable, the critic notes, “You guys are the perfect gospel group for atheists.”

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