Cohen's latest shows ongoing artistic growth

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Saturday April 25, 2015

From The Tribune-Review

Cohen’s latest shows ongoing artistic growth
By: Bob Karlovits


Anat Cohen (Anzic)

‘Luminosa’ takes on as many musical sounds as it varies its musicians. Playing in basically a quartet, Anat Cohen offers work on clarinet, bass clarinet and tenor saxophone. But that group is joined by one of two guitarists on five of the 11 tracks, becomes a sextet with an added percussionist on three, adds only the percussionist on two others and then uses a Brazilian trio on two others. Those changes, along with Cohen’s play, give the album a constantly changing sound.

One of the most striking songs is the lovely ‘Beatriz’ with Cohen taking the lead on bass clarinet over the bowed bass of Joe Freeman. The reed player writes five of the songs, most of them in the bright feeling of ‘Happy Song’ and ‘In the Spirit of Baden,’ but she also offers a gentle ‘Ima.’ As on every album in which she is involved, ‘Luminosa’ shows Cohen’s constantly developing talents.

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