Terence Blanchard's jazz bridges Detroit, New Orleans

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Monday June 01, 2015

Terence Blanchard and New Orleans have long been inseparable. Born and raised in the city, Blanchard returned there to live in 1995, and even after building an A-list career in jazz as a trumpeter, bandleader and composer in forms as diverse as film scores and opera, his cultural ties to the Crescent City remain as strong as new rope.

But Blanchard, 53, is also rapidly earning honorary citizenship status in Detroit.

Closing his third season as the Erb Jazz Creative Director Chair at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Blanchard has been so effective in the job and so successful in bonding with Detroit audiences that what has traditionally been no more than a two-year appointment has morphed into a year-to-year evergreen deal that promises to keep him anchored here for the foreseeable future.

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