Jason Moran finds the line between Jazz and Skateboarding

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Monday August 03, 2015

Improvisation is a hallmark of jazz, just as it’s a hallmark of skateboarding. Just as one musician in, say, a quartet feeds off the notes that were played by another, so do skaters feed off the moves of other skaters, and the terrain that they have to work. This common strand is what will bring together skateboarding and jazz this September for an innovative festival at the Kennedy Center called ‘Finding a Line.’

Spearheaded by Jason Moran, the Kennedy Center’s artistic director for Jazz (himself an accomplished and award-winning pianist), and Ben Ashworth, a DC-based artist and avid skater, Finding a Line has many facets to it, primarily among them the creation of a new skating structure (led by Ashworth) that will be featured in performances at the Kennedy Center during the festival, and then returned to the community at its conclusion. These performances will feature Moran with his trio The Bandwagon, jamming while Ashworth and others skate.

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