Terence Blanchard Featured in ABC's "Katrina: 10 Years After The Storm"

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Friday August 21, 2015

From The New Orleans Times-Picayune

The Gulf Coast’s resilient spirit is the star of Robin Roberts’ Katrina-anniversary ABC special
By: Dave Walker

ABC’s “Katrina: 10 Years After the Storm With Robin Roberts,” which airs Sunday evening (Aug. 23) on WGNO, played well on Wednesday (Aug. 19) to a highly-invested New Orleans screening audience, many of whom appear in the special. The invited viewers gave it a standing ovation.

Maybe the most moving storyteller in the special doesn’t say a word. Unique for broadcast prime time, “Katrina: 10 Years After The Storm” has a haunting original jazz score from a New Orleans composer and performer.

“I love Terence Blanchard — the fact he even took our call,” Roberts said. “Flew up to New York. Sat with us before we had anything. We just showed him bits. We showed him some interviews with Syrena, and he was familiar with my story. As we would get segments, we’d send them to him, then he sat with it and created the music around what we were able to show him.

“(The music) is a character in itself. You know how close music came to being a casualty of Katrina, and so I love the fact that we have Terence Blanchard.”

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