Skateboarding & Jazz with Jason Moran

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Friday September 04, 2015

From The Washington Post

Skateboarding with jazz at the Kennedy Center? Absolutely.
By: Michael J. West

Skateboarding and jazz would seem ‘” at first glance, and maybe even at second ‘” to be unlikely bedfellows. Skateboarding is highly improvisational, but its preferred soundtrack is punk rock and, increasingly, hip-hop. Jazz, on the other hand, is seen as cerebral chill-out music ‘” not the stuff of motion and adrenaline.

But there’s a historic association between music and sport: ‘During the ’80s, there were all these skate videos that used jazz as a backdrop,’ said Jason Moran, a jazz pianist and skateboarding enthusiast. He points to Spike Jonze’s 1991 ‘Video Days,’ generally regarded as the most influential skate video of all time; in it, skater Mark Gonzalez’s segment is accompanied by the music of John Coltrane.

‘So it was a natural current you would see in videos,’ Moran said. ‘And it always felt righteous.’

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