John Scofield: Playing music is all he ever wanted

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Monday September 14, 2015

From Smile Politely

John Scofield: Playing music is all he ever wanted
By: Mike Myers

When a legend like John Scofield refers to your local guitar festival as ‘beautiful’ and ‘unique” you should probably check it out. Scofield has collaborated with an extensive list of musical acts including Herbie Hancock; Medeski, Martin and Wood; John Mayer; and Miles Davis. Not only does he have a rich musical history touring in America and abroad for the last forty years, but he is a husband, father and adjunct professor at NYU. His meaningful and candid advice about how to make music and the necessity of collaboration is practical wisdom. Scofield is modest too, giving credit to his family, other musicians, and the great fortune he has had in being able to live his dream. Here are some of the highlights from our conversation.

Smile Politely: You’ve collaborated with so many amazing artists. When and how did you start collaborating with Jon Cleary?

John Scofield: It was on an album I made called Piety Street. I would say that was six or seven years ago, maybe. I was a fan of Jon’s and knew him through mutual friends for‘¦I don’t know‘¦15 years before that. But we finally got to play together when I made the Piety Street record. I went to New Orleans and recorded with a bunch of musicians, and Jon was one of the key players on that record.

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