Finding a Line: Skateboarding, Music, and Media, with Jason Moran

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Thursday September 03, 2015

From The Washington Post

*The Kennedy Center has a temporary outdoor skate park, and anyone can use it
By: Rudi Greenberg

As a teenager in the early ’90s, skateboarder and Richmond native Ben Ashworth used to get chased away from the Kennedy Center for trying to skate on the grounds.

‘The Kennedy Center has these nice marble ledges that are just begging for you to come skate them,’ says Ashworth, 41. ‘From one perspective, that’s architectural reinterpretation. From another, it’s vandalism.’

On Friday, Ashworth can skate at the Kennedy Center worry-free (but those marble ledges are still off-limits). Now a visual artist who manages George Mason University’s Sculpture Studio, Ashworth is co-curating ‘Finding a Line: Skateboarding, Music, and Media,’ a 10-day festival whose centerpiece is a full-fledged skate park installation on the front plaza of the Kennedy Center.

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