John Scofield: A Guitar Hero for Jazz and Beyond

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Thursday October 08, 2015

From Pop Matters

John Scofield: A Guitar Hero for Jazz and Beyond
By: Will Layman

Jazz has relatively few ‘stars’ these days, musicians who might be described the way actors sometimes are: as bankable, as the ones who can ‘open’ a film with some guaranteed box office. Even famous jazz musicians such as legend Sonny Rollins or Wynton Marsalis aren’t moving many discs these days.

Jon Scofield, a guitarist who at the age of 63 isn’t exactly a matinee idol, would probably laugh at being compared to a movie star. In conversation Scofield is unassuming and genial, every bit the polite kid raised in Wilton, Connecticut who happened to discover a passion for music. And who, despite being a ‘jazz’ musician, finds himself a guitar hero in 2015.

Truth be told, when a record company wants to start a new imprint to put out jazz, John Scofield is the go-to musician. He’ll get them off on the right foot.

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