Jason + Dance Equals a Soothing Spiritual Massage at Kennedy Center

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Monday November 02, 2015

From The Washington Post

Jason+dance equals a soothing spiritual massage at Kennedy Center
By: Sarah L. Kaufman

Mellow ease was raised to virtuosic heights in the Jason+Ronald K. Brown/Evidence program at the Kennedy Center Eisenhower Theater on Wednesday night. Jason Moran, the center’s artistic director for jazz, primed us for mellowness with a live set by his trio, the Bandwagon, in which Moran’s silvery piano playing seemed to lead the bass and drums knee-deep into sweet, dreamy clover.

Drifting onstage one by one, the Evidence dancers deepened the atmosphere of relaxed pleasure with the velvety roll of their steps. Were they floating in custard, suspended in cream? In that first work, titled ‘Why You Follow/Por Que Sigues,’ gravity was put on hold.

Effortless grace poured out of the dancers: It was in the billowy way they walked, knees high, lots of give in the knees, and in the way their shoulder joints tumbled around so smoothly. Here was the movement equivalent of comfort food. They transferred their ease to us; just watching it felt like a spa for the spirit.

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